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Human Resources strategic planning for nonprofit

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Project Synopsis

San Diego Futures Foundation aims to develop a durable, long-term not-for-profit compensation strategy that lays a strong foundation for positively influencing employee performance and retention and the organization’s success. Exploration should consider strategies non-profits use for base compensation as well as incentive and variable-based compensation programs and the administration/implementation of such programs.. What strategy nonprofit uses for base compensation and bonuses and how it is differ by sector. What are the best practice for nonprofit performance management and how it relates to compensation.

Project Topics

Company Information

CompanySan Diego Futures Foundation
HQSan Diego, CA
StageSmall Business
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Company Overview

We believe we can fuel San Diego’s workforce and economic development by providing resources that assist individuals and communities navigate our digital world with repurposed computers and educational programs that promote digital literacy. Over the years, we have witnessed scores of customer’s transformed by SDFF’s programs and services. Our internship training, adaptive technology courses, and coding boot camps, to name a few, have all given students the means necessary to seek and secure gainful employment, enabling each to become contributing members of society.

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Key Project Milestones

  • July 14, 2021 - Deep-dive Into San Diego Futures Foundation

    • What type of nonprofit organization is San Diego Futures Foundation?
    • What is San Diego Futures Foundation? What are the organization’s mission and values?What purpose does this organization serve? Who does it serve?
    • What are the key operations?
    • What is the average yearly revenue?
    • Are there supporting organizations involved?

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  • July 15, 2021 - Understand San Diego Futures Foundation Current Human Resources and Compensation Structure

    • How many paid employees currently work at San Diego Futures Foundation?
    • To what extent does the organization rely on volunteers? How many volunteers or volunteer hours?
    • What is the total compensation currently offered to paid employees?
      • Direct compensation
      • Indirect compensation and benefits, like healthcare, retirement savings plans, etc.
      • Recognition awards
      • Perks/programs supporting work-life balance
    • What are the goals and limitations for a compensation strategy from a key leadership perspective?
    • What are current employees perceptions of and attitudes toward current compensation? Toward forms of direct and indirect compensation (whether or not they are currently offered)?

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  • July 17, 2021 - Research & Evaluate Compensation Strategies of Comparable Organizations

    • Where can you gather information about compensation strategies of similar organizations?
    • What criteria are important for identifying peer or comparable organizations? Some suggestions include:
      • Nonprofit status
      • Mission and goal
      • Annual revenue
      • Number of paid employees
      • Number of volunteers
    • What are the strengths and limitations of each comparison organization’s strategy, particularly as it relates to San Diego Futures Foundation’s position?
    • Which strategy, or synthesis of, do you suggest San Diego Futures Foundation adopt, and why?

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  • July 18, 2021 - Make Recommendations for Implementing the New Compensation Strategy

    • What is the decided upon strategy direct, indirect, and other forms of compensation (total compensation approach)?
      • Can you communicate these in draft total compensation statements for employees?
    • What are key steps in implementing the new compensation strategy for administrators?
    • What type of training is needed for onboarding those administrating the new plan? For employees?
    • What KPI’s do you suggest for monitoring and evaluating this strategy (e.g. employee satisfaction, retention)?

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